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Saturday, November 28, 2009

thursday: i brought shoes for nothing. but thank god for weights. training was supposedly slack but due to 2 weeks of not exercising, so called slack training = die. amazing thing was my hair stayed quite dry. hand ball was a refreshing change to an otherwise routine training i guess :}

ok i need to go on diet. my mum has agreed to help! yey~ today we went grocery shopping to buy healthier alternatives for white rice (brown rice), choc chip cookies/chips (digestive biscuits/non fat yoghurt/mix nuts), coco crunch (wheat/oats/bran cereal blah)... yeah that's all i can remember. carbo will be cut to only palm sized serving for dinner, so i have to eat more veg to replace that :)fruits before every meal, lots of water, small meals not large ones, chew longer, run more that kind of stuff. play wii sports more often. must lose X weight by march if not can't submit name list on time. go go go!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

class party was super fun. i love playing bridge :D i fail at cheat. pizza, chicken, garlic bread and pepsi for dinner broke my diet!!!! going home was super freaky though. it was eerily quiet and the only person at the bus stop was these 2 gangster-ish people. photos up on fb!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

upcoming school week is going to be so stupid. waste of time. i don't want lectures or beach clean up i want holiday. oh well, i think i'm going to start packing my stuff for china trip soon. freakin' 1.5 - 4.5C freeze to death! and the teachers recommended we bring boots but there is no way i'm buying boots just to wear in china. the flight's about 6 hours or so. 303 barbeque next saturday! yay! a good way to end the school year i guess. haha barbeque for training camp too, all the calories burnt will just be put back but i don't really care anymore. can't seem to lose any weight with whatever diet/exercise regime shit. i (L) food. maybe i should just end up being a foodie, not much studying required :D

CHRISTMAS WISHLIST! clothes/shoes/accessories. i think that's pretty much all i want. i think another pair of ipod earpieces would be good too (the sound coming out of mine is pretty muffled). i want a new handphone too but i dont think i'll be getting it so soon. i shall compile it by 1 dec. so i have 31 more days D:

Sunday, October 25, 2009

i wanted to post this earlier but i was too lazy too :} photos from PSL CAMP *SPARKLE*!

Day 1:
first thing that hit me was that there were so few sec 3s this year :[ but amazing race was pretty fun! it was around orchard road so we knew where all the stations were so it was pretty fun. first station was at the istana park, second was at the cathay, which i now know is also called 国泰! searched the mall for so long to find the chinese name for it -.- found it on some restaurant poster called "the cathay" also. third was opposite the macdonald house/opposite plaza sing. had to blow a balloon from that funny yellow liquid in a tube? then come up with like how to relate it to "sparkle". ours was like a weird almost heart shaped thing then one of the sec 2 said it shows a ray of hope then the ray is associated with the sun which "sparkles"~ haha! after that took the train one stop to wisma where all the microsoft 7 promoters were. had to fold origami and write encouraging notes on them and give to the public. so we made a deal with the promoter that if they take all our origami then we'd go visit their demo booth thing :D (photo supposedly gonna be put on their website. consent forms and everthing o.o) junk food for lunch then rushed to scape park and played telephone charades [a woman dropped her glasses down the toilet bowl, where she found a bomb and it exploded in her face] HOW TO ACT OUT LUH! then we had like 5 minutes to run to orchard central to like answer random questions like 'why did king kong climb up the empire state building?' then ended up a little bit late back to school. but overall pretty fun but darn tiring.

training session 1 was about peer mediation, and ACT THREE came to act. pretty cool/not the boring session i expected. don't have the photos from the phototaking session after that.. must wait for xiao en to upload! haha and night trail was quite funny because one of the sec 1 in my group got abducted :/ wasn't as scary as last year though. the movie screening at night was quite nice. JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH! talked to jinny a lot.

Day 2:
woke up because random alarms were going off. pfft at like 5.30. so only got like less than 6 hours of sleep. felt like i was hungover. morning exercise was running 2 rounds around the school :'( water games were... wet :D fun luh. water bombs all the way! on the plus side it was fun! on the minus side it had a gross after effect because no shower time. for training session 2 was supposed to be about time management. ended up just the sec threes bitching about lazy group members who don't contribute to project work blah. i didn't bitch luh, was just laughing at the others. they were so comical! after mass celan up everyone was like rushing to grab the lunchboxes off the table. curry chicken + kang kong belachan + eggs and rice. prize presentation: practically all the prizes were food. our group won most gung ho group. the prize was jelly. rationale: because it takes courage to open the jelly because the juice might squirt at us -.- all the groups won something, which was good. and all the gruops were elements from the periodic table. YTTRIUM!

went home and slept from like 3-7 :D what a weekend. baked chocolate chip cookies today :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

it's been 2 days of completely not studying hoorah.
my email's been spammed with fb notifications. mostly from crazy 6 charitians. it's really hard to get a date where almost everyone can make it for the class outing. haven't seen that crazy bunch of people for almost 3 years man. still have that graduation photo thing. but it's too embarassing to put up here. haha i'm like thinking about my christmas wish list now. it's early but i take very long to finalise my wish list [:

that's just 2. i'll think of what else to add to the list soon!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

just one more week and it'll all be over oh joy. haha slacked yesterday. one whole saturday of non stop tv and eating and sleeping.

Monday, September 21, 2009

ok the doctor did that. haha! to let all the bacteria "drain" out. i didn't dare to look when he was doing THAT. seriously! would you look? finally dared to even remove the gauze (after 2 days) because it was kind of sticking to my finger and the wound can't "breathe" or whatever. so yeah. heh. didn't really hurt luh, the doc injected anaesthetic ;)

Monday, September 7, 2009

watched G Force today and the guinea pigs (they are not hamsters) were so cute! go watch it, seriously. and i think i watch too many movies. when i new one comes out i watch it. shit why?! and i will save up to buy those shoes and that plaid shirt that i wanted. hopefully it will still be in stock when i actually save up. if there's a sale then all the better.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

so few people wear this, but i think it's pretty cool. are the fashion trends in singapore too predictable? as in it's supposed to be free expression of who you are/what you're feeling right? idk but i guess it's subjective. but then again, if you actually make a fashion statement that's not exactly "in" right now people think you're weird and they just give you te O.O look. already if you wear boots here people look at you. don't know if it's exactly good or bad but oh well. i was planning to save up to buy those, but maybe should listen to sir and not spend so much? yes? no?

Friday, August 28, 2009

yay no more braces :D haha miss it in a weird kind of way though? getting retainers tomorrow. finished math worksheet and ih assignment :)but so smart. i wanted to study for IH and i left important IH notes in school. all the singapore/japan/sri lanka/Northern Ireland ones too. damn.

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